Wedding Package 1
Wedding Consultation / Day Planning Assistance
You love the thought of planning your own wedding, but you just need some guidance on how to get started and what to do along the way. You need help with ideas for design details that will make your wedding uniquely your own.
This package is ideal for the couple that needs professional assistance throughout the planning stages.
  • 1 day of meeting with unlimited time (flexible hours including weekends)
  • Etiquette Advisement
  • Family Drama Advice
  • Seating Questions
  • Complicated Wedding Groups
  • Alternative Solutions
  • Extra Ideas
  • Activity Planning
  • Advice for Negotiations with Vendors
  • Design Floor Plan Layouts
  • Time, Schedule and Checklist
  • Advice for Theme and Design
  • Budget Advice
Wedding Package 2 
Day of Coordination
You are both the stars of the day so don't spend your special day worrying about last minute details, let Cintia's UNIQUE Events® handle the hurdles.
This package is excellent if you don't want to have your special day interrupted by the unexpected. We make sure your day will be exactly the way you have always dreamed.
  • 1 or 2 days of meeting with unlimited time to get to know you and your vision for the wedding. Also, we need to know each detail that is important to the couple (normally this meeting is 2 weeks before the big day).
  • Vendors confirmations on the week of your wedding.
  • To review your plans and timelines.
  • To help you find any missing elements and offer advice to perfect your plan.
The Big Day:
  • 2 staff members (Cintia and a helper with NO extra cost) will be there from beginning to the end to direct the entire day.
  • Full coverage operation management: keeping everything running smoothly and on time. This includes everything from special décor set up, making sure vendors arrive on time, assistance with getting ready, ceremony line-up and exit, corralling family for pictures, manage timeline, disbursing vendors tips and payments, helping guests and being your central point of contact.
  • Access to our emergency kit: filled with items to solve those unexpected last minute emergency problems.
  • Assist with putting away your personal belongings into safe keeping.

Wedding Package 3
Full Wedding Planning / Full Service
Planning a wedding is a personal journey. Cintia's UNIQUE Events® will embark on this journey alongside you throughout the months leading up to your big day.
We help the client in developing their wedding vision, brainstorm creative options, build a team of trusted suppliers, take over the administration while providing unlimited advice, manage all of the logistics in timeline creation with on site management ensuring that each individual contribution and element on the wedding day is working harmoniously.
This option is perfect for the busy client that needs their planner to do all the legwork so that they can sit back and just say yes or no.
Cintia's UNIQUE Events® will be with you for everything that happens between "yes" and "I do".

  • Alternative Solutions
  • Extra Ideas
  • Activity Planning
  • Guest List (administration, organization and management)
  • Vendors (Qualifying, searching, negotiation, tipping, payments and management)
  • Design Floor Plan Layouts
  • Time, Schedule and Checklist
  • Ideas for Theme and Design
  • Budget (planning, time management and prioritization)
  • Etiquette Advisement
  • Seating Questions
  • 2 staff members (Cintia and a helper with NO extra cost)
  • Meetings with unlimited time at reasonable times
  • Unlimited calls and e-mails